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Juil Juil-Ballet Flat

Juil's footwear is designed to give you natural energy and barefoot comfort from the earth to your soles.  They use copper conductors from the outsole through the footbed to connect you directly to the earth.  Their timeless ballet flats will keep you calm, classic and comfortable. Made with the softest of suedes and luxurious leathers, these flats will keep you connected in style.


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Five star quality leather and suede uppers, Complete leather lining and leather footbed, Elasticized collar for comfort and prevents heel slippage, Rubber, non-slip outsole for comfort and durability

  • Fit: True to size, full stop...a great fit in whole sizes only. 5 to 11 Seriously, the copper pennies in heel and all toes will ground you, offer super comfort and offer balance. The cushy softness and 100% leather goodness of this flat is a revelation....and could cause a revolution in ballet flat worshippers! Made in China

  • Style Notes:

    1. Channel your inner Audrey and pair with a wasp waist, mid calf straight or full skirt.

      Get some black rimmed, cat eyed glasses to pull on and off and a crisp white fitted blouse to tuck in, put a pencil in your top knot and go for it.

    2. Wear any of the suede style flats with your straight jeans and Tammy and the Bachelor over sized plaid shirt.

    3. Ageless, timeless, wear your flats with everything and be SURE to tuck a pair or four in your suitcase. Give one as a house gift to your hostess, wear a suede pair around the guest house and wear your snake cap toes out to lunch with the girls. They will be pea green with envy!


    That is you with your leg tucked up in a cafe booth in Darien. Stop texting and look around you. Yes, those gals are looking at your adorable ballet flat that is pointed right in their direction. Aren’t you glad you wore the Turquoise Suede?! They look perfect with your Gawdy Baubles jewelry. Go on, go over and tell them where you got them...better still, let them try them on. One of them must be a 9 because 9 is the new 7, right? 


Available in Women's full sizes only 5-11